Lovely Brazilian Workout Leggings

I just got back tonight from a medical meeting in South Beach, Fl- American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology. I try to make it to this meeting every year. Prominent leaders in the field present what is trending now- the latest and greatest. It is where I hear about new developments and then can decide where to focus my research efforts.

Florida in June is so underrated. The tourists have cleared out; it is like a different locale altogether. The ocean is totally swimmable- unlike often during Spring break – the water is warm, free of jellyfish and there is no undercurrent. Restaurants and shops are empty, it’s actually tolerable to be there.

I also spent time with my Dad and my step-mom, Eva. Those two are quite the pair. Eva is from Peru and is connected with everything South American in Florida. The Latino influence is everywhere: in the music, the food and…workout wear. No one wears black. She hooked me up with a Brazilian woman who sells the most colorful, affordable, comfortable leggings ever. The colors are vibrant and the patterns are so unusual.

I wore a pair on the flight home, the black and yellow ones – the least “loud” of course. They were super stretchy and a nice break from my black sweats.

Now if they motivate me to work out, that would be awesome.

Would you wear these?

I love my Turkish towel…and here’s why

When my daughter, Ayla, came home from Australia yesterday and handed me a Turkish towel as her gift, I knew what I had to write about today.

Americans are not so familiar with Turkish towels – they are all the rage in Australia. Pictures don’t do them justice. They are wonderful. Before we get to that, her gift also brought me back to the time we traveled to Istanbul, just the two of us. We were in Tel Aviv and we decided to take the short trip from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, a city on my bucket list.

Visiting a Turkish bath was one of the highlights of that wondrous trip to Istanbul, a city that bombards you with tastes and smells, ancient and modern, chaos and mystery.  We walked with trepidation to Cagaloglu Hamami. It was built in 1741 by Sultan Mahmut, and is a gorgeous place. 

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