HAIR YOGA: Yes, It’s a Thing

Love+Medicine Hair Yoga

We all want to have better hair. Our hair reflects our health, genetics, age, hormone levels and priorities. I, unfortunately inherited my mom’s fine, wispy hair. I bring my stylist a picture of a killer hairstyle from a magazine – only to be told I need product. Lots of product. I have tossed hundreds of bottles of ‘product’ that I swore I would use after seeing how great my hair looked at the shop. In truth hair has never been a priority for me. I’ve heard it’s a Koplin trait but I hardly ever brush my hair. Or blow dry, or really do anything.

Some things get better with age, hair is not one of them.

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Ask Dr. Annie K: Sex and Aging

My husband, who is 78, can’t climax. He has the desire but loses the urge after a short time. He has had ed for several years but could still finish up to the last year or so. Is this age related? Any hope?
– Anonymous



Thank you for this great question. I assure you that many of my readers are interested.

This is a condition called Delayed Ejaculation (DE) or Anorgasmia. The erection is there but no climax. The answer to your first question, whether it is age related is yes. About 1/3 of men your husband’s age have problems reaching climax.

Let’s take a look at the science behind the male sexual response to understand what is going on. It is a cascade of events originating in the brain but involving the entire body. One system relaxes the body allowing for blood flow to the penis (erection), the other follows up with contractions necessary for ejaculation. These processes are sweetly choreographed to reach the big O.

What can cause DE?

Drugs – It is well known that antidepressants cause sexual dysfunction. Here are some others:
Diphenhydramine (Benedryl)
H2 blockers (Tagamet, Zantac, Pepcid)
Furosemide (Lasix)
Triamterine (Maxzide)
NSAIDs (Ibuprofen)
Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)
Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar)
Lipid-lowering agents
Levodopa (Sinemet)

Heart Disease – The arteries of the penis are often the first to show atherosclerosis.

Weak Pelvic Floor – These muscles weaken as we age.

Infection – Urinary tract infections, STDs and prostatitis.

Endocrine Conditions – Diabetes, hypothyroidism, low testosterone levels.

Psychological and Spiritual Factors – Anxiety, depression, relationship issues.

Consultation with a primary care physician AND a urologist are recommended to rule out these and other medical conditions. They may provide treatment options as well. Studies are limited but there are promising reports of acupuncture as a treatment for DE.

Sex is different as we age – biology we have to accept. I like to describe it as a quieter sex. Just as hot but more simmering than full boil. Pleasure comes equally from giving and receiving. Orgasm may not be the goal every time. Going through the natural changes and seeing them as normal may bring you closer as a couple.

 This is advice for all my sexually active seniors:

  1. Get in shape.
  2. Make love early in the day, when testosterone levels are highest.
  3. Eat healthy – What is good for your heart is good for your penis.
  4. Maximize oral stimulation.
  5. Fantasize about sex.
  6. Do Kegel exercises.
  7. Use your imagination.

Age is not a disease. Do everything you can to OPTIMIZE the functioning of your body and mind. In answer to your second question, there is definitely hope!

Are You Due For A Tune-Up?

Dr. Annie K’s Spring Sex Tune-up


The human body is an absolute wonder. The way it bends and stretches, responds to pain and pleasure, protects us. It is upon us to take the time to honor and respect our bodies – by both daily words of gratitude and royal treatment. Like any intricate machine, our bodies require maintenance.

Here is my proposed sexual health checklist for men and women. My guess is that your doctor isn’t asking these questions (but should).


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Not Feeling The Spring Fever? You’re Not Alone.

April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain

T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

For the last three months we have been exposed to cooler temperatures, a decrease in daylight hours and a desire for heavier comfort foods. Now we are noticing subtle changes. Some of us may feel a little buzz – an increase in energy that was lacking in the winter months. Leo Tolstoy called Spring “the time of projects and plans.” There is a lot going on.

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Hiking The Hike: Martin Katz Exposed

Moshe Katz says many people call him lucky. He prefers to see it as blessed. Either way, I have seen plenty of lucky/blessed people that don’t contribute to the world like he does. I call him a Renaissance man.

I’m not sure who gets real close to Moshe, except for family. Despite his dominant public presence, he is also very private. Love and Medicine is going to give it a shot.

Moshe Katz comes from a strong, complicated family. Our families were very close – his parents were at our house the night before he was born. The Katzes moved to Israel in the 1970s. When I went off to Kibbutz Kfar Blum my mom followed me on the plane to say goodbye. She said listen to Lean On Me and lean on the Katzes. I have to smile whenever I hear that song. Fifteen years later, Moshe became the godfather of my firstborn child.

I met Moshe on a chilly winter morning at Yellow Wood, his store in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Walk into that store and you immediately feel better. It is as if bromide is seeping through the vents. On the way to his office we pass two of his business partners (wife Deb and daughter Cyd), and their ridiculously adorable dog, Otis. I tell him this is an edgy blog, that we need to keep things real. What I don’t want is a promo for Moshe or his store. He doesn’t need one.

Moshe has become an iconic figure in Milwaukee. I tell him that many people look at him and want to know his secret. They want what he is having. I get the most unexpected response – he is sincerely surprised to hear this. Of course he is recognized by his big moves – teaching, philanthropy, leadership. He is unaware how much hunger there is to know his little moves.

L+M: People want to know what you have for breakfast. 

MK: Really? I am a vegan. I have been vegan on and off since 1984. Strict for the last 20 years. I won’t eat anything that has a mother or a face.

L+M: What about breakfast? 

MK: I eat fruit, whatever is in season. Citrus in winter, watermelon in summer, apples from my tree in fall.

L+M: Do you drink coffee?

MK: No caffeine. I haven’t even had chocolate for over 15 years!

L+M: Lunch?

MK: Lunch is people time. I am at the Milwaukee Public Market 3-4 times a week. Milwaukee is like one big “Cheers”. I rarely take the expressway downtown; you can’t see anything on the expressway. I take the pretty way.

L+M: What about snacks? And don’t say nuts.

MK: I really like peanut butter. And vegan cupcakes from Comet cafe.

L+M: So you eat sugar?

MK: Ideally I am SOS; no salt, oil or sugar.

L+M: Your favorite drink? 

MK: Water.

L+M: You can’t say water! 

MK: But I really do love water. I drink 2 liters a day, more when I am hiking.

L+M: Tap water?

MK: Most of the time, yes. I can really tell the difference when I don’t drink at least 2 liters, my skin and everything. I lose weight when I drink more water.

L+M: You gotta give me something besides water.

MK: OK. Then there are three things. First, a great wine.

L+M: What is a great wine to you?

MK: A Barolo, Italian. A bold red. Second, Bourbon, Breaking and Entering.

L+M: Ice?

MK: One rock.

L+M: And the third? 

MK: Scotch, with a sweet cherry-oak or port-infused finish.

MK: But I need to say one thing: I don’t drink! I love the cool image of that guy who pours himself a cocktail in front of the fireplace when he gets home. I’m just not that guy. I have a drink maybe 1-2 times a month.

L+M: Any vices?

I’ve had enough vices for a lifetime.

L+M: Besides your children, what are you most proud of? 

MK: The impact I’ve had on people. ‘A teacher affects eternity’.

L+M: What is your biggest fear? 

MK: Losing the ability to do what I love. Early death. Dementia.

L+M: What rattles you?

MK: People who are stupid. I love ignorance but hate stupidity. The pendulums in politics. Immorality. The way we are treating the environment. It is one thing to fuck it up for ourselves, it’s another to fuck up for our children. And anti-Semitism.

L+M: What is your favorite spot on earth?

The Tel Aviv beach at sunset.

Also, Everest Base Camp – there I was five feet ten surrounded by mountains and I felt so humbled and in awe of my surroundings.

L+M: What is your least favorite place?

MK: Metaphysically, I don’t like feeling angry. It is never productive.

MK: Physically, I don’t like big, noisy places. I love visiting my son in NYC, but I don’t like NYC.

L+M: What do you remember from The Big Chill? We watched it so many times in 1984.

MK: The scene when Jeff Goldblum was complaining about the rain and Kevin Kline responded with “Isn’t it nice?”

L+M: I know how much you love to hike. What are your favorite hikes in Milwaukee and Wisconsin? 

MK: Around Beach Drive and a walk over Bridge Lane in Fox Point. I’m also goofy about three legs of the Emerald Necklace aka The Ice Age Trail. Especially the one near Monches and Parnell Tower.

LM: Where is home for you?

MK: Home is the place that Deb and I built.

MK: I also have built a home in this community. I really feel like I have built something.

MK: It’s a real conflict. They say a Jew can only create their own destiny in Israel. If it’s a place you only dream of and you aren’t there it’s not really your place. It’s just a dream.

L+M: Yes, we share that same dilemma. There is nothing like being there. That is when you really feel connected.

L+M: Any final reflections?

MK: Many people say their life could end now, and they’d be ok with that. Not me! I have so much more I want to do. But I can say this, I have had a damn good life.