Rainy weekend

A rainy cold weekend is forecast for us but remember, there is no bad weather, only bad gear! Some weekend reading/watching suggestions: Are Men With Beards More Desirable? The many reasons that people are having less sex Isdal Woman: The mystery death haunting Norway for 46 years and ‘Major breakthrough’ in Norway’s 46-year-old Isdal women…

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The Winter Spring Romance

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Joie De Vivre! When I heard about the triumph of France’s new president Emmanuel Macron I was thrilled, because while I know very little about French politics, one thing I knew was that I did not want Le Pen. Then I set out to learn more about Macron and I was struck by the obsession with his marriage.…

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Don’t Give Up on Sex

A couple in bed

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was first published in 1943. He based his research on observations of rhesus monkeys at the University of Wisconsin. He established that the most basic physiological needs are the solid platform from which one can reach higher goals. Without satisfying basic needs of food, drink, sex, air and sleep, we are…

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