Ask Dr. Annie K: Sex and Aging

A drawing of a person holding a heart

My husband, who is 78, can’t climax. He has the desire but loses the urge after a short time. He has had ed for several years but could still finish up to the last year or so. Is this age related? Any hope? – Anonymous   Thank you for this great question. I assure you that many…

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Flower Moon

Beautiful flowers

How does a tulip bulb hold so much green? So much crazy red opening to the sun? So much yellow-gold effrontery? You too hold so much greenness And a wild array of colors— Splash of viridian, chartreuse and crimson. Combine sun, warmth, and rain– – Root down into the generous earth. Does a flower ask…

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Are You Due For A Tune-Up?

A woman under the sheets

Dr. Annie K’s Spring Sex Tune-up   The human body is an absolute wonder. The way it bends and stretches, responds to pain and pleasure, protects us. It is upon us to take the time to honor and respect our bodies – by both daily words of gratitude and royal treatment. Like any intricate machine,…

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