Magic Dust & Artichokes

Love Magic Dust

The quest for an aphrodisiac is as old as sex. From oysters to figs to bananas, unsubstantiated claims have been made about the sex-enhancing powers of food. Here’s my take on what’s out there and what may be worth sampling.

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Ask Dr. Annie K: Breaking The Cycle

A woman in bed using her phone

I lack trust in my boyfriend of 7 months. This has been caused by his total and complete honesty of his past relationships, which honesty is a good thing, but it has triggered my insecurities, fear of being hurt and that bad feeling in my stomach. When he brings up his past flings in causal…

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The Best Weekend of the Year

Boulder Junction

This is historically the best weekend of the year, The first weekend in February, when a bunch of our guys head up to Boulder Junction and the girls are left to watch football in peace. The weather outside is frightful. Here are a few recommendations for those looking for some wintery bliss… Netflix has picked…

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