The Lifeguard

In honor of the end of summer, here is a little short story about summer love. The Mediterranean sea is unusually rough. The waves vigorously clap the sand, sending a salty mist into the ocean breeze. The white sand, like sifted flour, surrenders to the harsh waves, and is enslaved by the powerful water. Sailboats…

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Intercontinental Parenting

My three children are adults now. They live in Australia, Los Angeles and Israel. I can’t picture any of them living in Milwaukee. They are happy where they are. Here are some of the ways I deal with the distance. It’s not easy. 1.Trust their choices. My eldest daughter moving to Australia was tough. Australia…

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Sugar, sugar


Ask Dr. Annie K: Why do I always crave something sweet after a big meal? Even if I ate enough and I feel full it seems like there’s room for a little dessert. Is there a medical explanation for this? “Would you like to take a look at the dessert menu?” Someone invariably in the…

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