Polio: Our Parents’ Plague

Injection shot

“Your mom walks funny” a friend said one day in elementary school. I had never noticed my mom walking any different than anyone else. Just like I didn’t realize my dad had a Czechoslovakian accent. That is when I found out my mom had polio 40 years earlier. The virus had attacked her gastrocnemius muscle,…

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Staying at Home

A woman inside a plane

Since we are home, and being ordered to stay home, I am re-publishing an article I wrote two years ago. The first paragraph sounds like a different lifetime but still, read on.. Walking down the narrow corridor between the rows on an airplane, waiting as people delight in finding a space to hoist their large…

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Wooden bidet painting

I rarely talk about products on this blog. Remember when I saved you $38 by advising you not to buy Sex Dust? The shortage of toilet paper right now is real. Keeping two houses stocked is a challenge, especially when you are limited to one pack per order. We all would rather have the companies…

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