Kosher in a Nonkosher World

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“I’m not a practicing Jew but I keep a kosher kitchen just to spite Hitler.”~Miriam Margoyles                       Very few non-religious Jews observe kosher dietary laws. Here are the fundamental kosher rules for those who may not know. The word kosher in Hebrew means “fit.” The…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The most romantic day of the year is here. Whether you are alone or all loved up, Valentine’s Day is all about it. I have been a cynic when it comes to this Hallmark holiday. This year I am looking at it through a different lens – part of my effort to be less judgmental and…

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Happy New Year 2022

What a year, right?!  Thank you to my Love and Medicine readers, I am truly grateful for your support. With so much to read out there, I am glad you choose me. Continue to comment and provide feedback. All of your emails and Ask Dr. Annie K. questions are anonymous. If you haven’t already, sign…

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Coregasm 101


What are Coregasms? Coregasms are a TikTok sensation that sex researchers have known about for decades. The medical term is Exercise-Induced Orgasm (EIO). These are orgasms that happen spontaneously when doing physical exercise. Abdominal exercises are the strongest trigger for these orgasms but they can occur during other physical activity as well. Lifting weights, cycling, swimming…

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Ask Dr. Annie K. “I have been struggling with anxiety and depression throughout most of my life. However, the past few months I have started to notice that these feelings get a lot worse right before and during my period. During my period I feel like I am at my very lowest – depressed, hopeless…

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