Bidet? YES!


This is Bidet Part 2, a follow-up from the article published April 3, 2020. Read that first. Spoiler alert! I’m going to talk straight about the bidet. I’m not going to go on about how awesome it is. I’m going to tell you about the process. How my love evolved. Which means we are going…

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Do You Dare Eat a Peach?

Eat a peach

Let’s think about the peach. The vibrant mix of fiery orange and red sweeping its surface. How sexy is that shape – with the round, fuzzy curvature and visible crack? It baits you to take a big messy bite, juice running down your chin. The sweet flesh a wake up call to recruit your sense…

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The Covid-19 Self-Care Tip No One is Talking About

A woman

Here we are. Entering the fourth month of sheltering at home. I’m quite comfortable with it at this point. I have developed a quarantine routine that works. The two highlights of the day are waking up and getting in bed at night. I’ve been doing the quarantine shuffle – I bake bread, make jam, do…

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Polio: Our Parents’ Plague

Injection shot

“Your mom walks funny” a friend said one day in elementary school. I had never noticed my mom walking any different than anyone else. Just like I didn’t realize my dad had a Czechoslovakian accent. That is when I found out my mom had polio 40 years earlier. The virus had attacked her gastrocnemius muscle,…

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Staying at Home

A woman inside a plane

Since we are home, and being ordered to stay home, I am re-publishing an article I wrote two years ago. The first paragraph sounds like a different lifetime but still, read on.. Walking down the narrow corridor between the rows on an airplane, waiting as people delight in finding a space to hoist their large…

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