About Dr. Annie K.

I love to write. I don’t love to write a bio. But you need to get to know me so you will read my articles and trust me. So let me share some background. I’ve led many lives.

Although I was born in Milwaukee, I truly grew up in Israel. My strongest memories begin when I went to live on a kibbutz at age 15. I was not religious and had no concept of Zionism. I did it because of wanderlust, a recurring theme in my path.

I graduated from Bar Ilan University with a degree in Psychology. I returned to the States, to Seattle to work as a travel agent.

Romance led me to New York, but that love story didn’t last. I earned a Master of Public Health from Hunter College, with an emphasis on Human Sexuality. New York in the 80s was a gritty, daring, magical metropolis teeming with temptation and opportunity. It was a wild time to work as a sex therapist. But it wasn’t enough.

I wanted to become a doctor. My 100-year-old father still recalls the decisive phone call, his response full of pride and disbelief. I had never taken a science class. In medical school I met my life partner. I am forever grateful for those years in New York.

I graduated from Tel Aviv University School of Medicine in 1988. I had my first baby ten days before graduation. I completed Psychiatry residency in Milwaukee and have worked as a psychiatrist and researcher for decades.

The idea for Love and Medicine existed years before I published my first word. My goal is to educate, interact, entertain and offer candid, professional advice and knowledge. I will always present factual science over fad. I seek out things that other people are not writing about. I write about love, sex, relationships, health, aging, film, travel and fashion. I write for men and women. With “Ask Dr. Annie K” one may submit questions about anything in my wheelhouse, and soon I plan to launch a full telepsychiatry practice on loveandmedicine.com for psychotherapy and medication management.

At the risk of occasionally shocking family and friends, I am on a mission to take topics out of the closet. I dance as if no one is watching – that is how I can be most sincere.

Thank you for reading and sharing! Let me hear from you!


Anne Koplin, Author of Love and Medicine