Is It Time to Jump Ship?

Considering the circumstances, do you feel the best you could possibly be feeling? Every day while locked in hotel quarantine, an Australian government social worker called me and posed that question.

Happy New Year 2022

What a year, right?!  Thank you to my Love and Medicine readers, I am truly grateful for your support. With so much to read out there, I


Ask Dr. Annie K. “I have been struggling with anxiety and depression throughout most of my life. However, the past few months I have started to notice

Now You Can Go to Turkey

~Life Without my Dad When my dad in Milwaukee was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, we were living in Israel. We built a home in the community


Hey Dr, Annie! I’ve recently read a few articles and seen a few videos about the technique of Gua Sha facial massage. I’ve read that doing this

L-theanine for Anxiety

Hi Dr. Annie K! I love your blog and always look forward to learning more about love, medicine and more from your intriguing posts. I’m in a

Bidet? YES!

This is Bidet Part 2, a follow-up from the article published April 3, 2020. Read that first. Spoiler alert! I’m going to talk straight about the bidet.

Do You Dare Eat a Peach?

Let’s think about the peach. The vibrant mix of fiery orange and red sweeping its surface. How sexy is that shape – with the round, fuzzy curvature

Staying at Home

Since we are home, and being ordered to stay home, I am re-publishing an article I wrote two years ago. The first paragraph sounds like a different


I rarely talk about products on this blog. Remember when I saved you $38 by advising you not to buy Sex Dust? The shortage of toilet paper


There’s a tradition in our family started by Eva, my dad’s wife, to make a big pot of soup and have it ready when someone comes home

Pandemic Pandemonium

These are unprecedented times. Every person in the world has been affected by COVID-19. How we react is generally in line with our personalties. The anxious become

Freedom from Worry

Now that we understand how dangerous it is to worry, readers are asking for answers on how to control it. Physician, Heal Thyself is an ancient proverb


  The most beautiful love song ever written. Tons of love to all of you from and Dr. Annie K.


I come from a family of worriers. My mom and her twin sister were always “fretting.” Other family members are worriers. My friends are worriers too. I


Momentum is everything. Most of my readers know how much I love football. During the recent playoffs, I don’t know how many times I said/texted/tweeted the word

HAPPY NEW YEAR💜 has had a great year. In case you may have missed something, here are all of the posts from 2019. Read and reread! This year I’d

Football is Life!

The human heart beats 100,000 times a day. It is highly sensitive to emotional and physical stress in the body. All of us have experienced the depths

Grey Weddings

I welcome all of you. Bear with me as I navigate this new platform. I am writing from the throes of symptomatic Covid rebound. Yes, it’s true.

The Circle of Life

I’m in bed with a nagging cold-not-Covid. My body is exhausted but my mind is full. Grab a tea, hot water with lemon, or a hot toddy

From Awe to Ahh…

*this post and this week’s newsletter were written before the holy day of Yom Kippur, 10/5/22* Last night I dreamed that Mark Ruffalo was cuddled up against