We're going to get to know each other really well through Love + Medicine. We're going to cover a lot of territory and have some fun. We are going to go light and we are going to go deep. No holds barred.

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My son bought Bitcoin for $30 in 2015. Today it is worth $5400.

In 2017,  when the price of one Bitcoin went up to $19,000, I texted my son:     What is Bitcoin and why re-post this
L-theanine for Anxiety

L-theanine for Anxiety

Hi Dr. Annie K! I love your blog and always look forward to learning more about love, medicine and more from your intriguing posts. I’m
Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling – Does it Work?

Hi Dr K, Have you heard about “pulling” for whitening teeth? I’d love to hear more about that. ********************* Dr. Annie K. loves questions and
what we learned

The Most Powerful Skill We Learned This Year

Here we go! Let’s talk about this year. Our lives could return to more familiar territory or this may linger on indefinitely. We don’t know.