Coregasm 101

Orgasms moving out of the kitchen into the gym!

What are Coregasms?

Coregasms are a TikTok sensation that sex researchers have known about for decades. The medical term is Exercise-Induced Orgasm (EIO). These are orgasms that happen spontaneously when doing physical exercise. Abdominal exercises are the strongest trigger for these orgasms but they can occur during other physical activity as well. Lifting weights, cycling, swimming and yoga (a “yogasm”) can also trigger this response.

Maybe having a yogasm? 20% of yogis experience them🙊

Are they common?

Studies show 10% of women and 8% of men report having at least one orgasm while exercising. Other studies show 46% of women report some type of arousal when exercising, 23% experienced orgasm. We need more research.

What causes them?

Simple friction cannot explain it, otherwise an exercise like biking would be the strongest EIO inducer. Cycling induces orgasm by the core work out involved, not the feeling of genitalia on the seat. Endorphin, serotonin and dopamine are released during strenuous exercise and may be a factor. Orgasms and exercising have much in common – both cause an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood flow and stimulation of the brain. All of these factors set the stage to trigger a spontaneous orgasm.

How can I get one?

Strenuous exercise will not guarantee an orgasm. Here are some tips to get you close:

  • Start your workout with cardio to get the blood pumping
  • Go hard! Most reports of EIO are after a strenuous, intense workout. 10 sit-ups won’t be enough, go for more reps, to the point of exhaustion
  • Be in your body. Focus on the magnificent things the body is capable of. While orgasm may happen while thinking about laundry, chances of orgasm at any time are better when the mind is not distracted
  • Engage your lower abs. Leg lifts, chin-ups, pull-ups increase chances of EIO
  • Do Kegel exercises. Strong pelvic floor muscles are key to every sexual wellness program. Start right now while your are reading this 😉
Best exercises to get the big O

How can I avoid getting one in public?

  • Don’t work out to the max
  • Men may feel more comfortable ducking into the locker room
  • People who experience EIOs report they are more controllable than other types of orgasm, so it may be easier to just go for it unnoticed

What if I’m not feeling turned on?

This is the most fascinating thing about EIOs. They are asexual – most people are not fantasizing or thinking about sex when they have the orgasm. There is no manual stimulation of the clitoris or penis. Our trusted human sexual response cycle paradigms look inaccurate when orgasm precedes desire, arousal and intercourse. This must be explored further – it is like eating dessert first.

Why do Coregasms matter?

A huge number of people have never experienced orgasm, yet it is considered a pinnacle of human experience and pleasure. Anything we can do to make them happen matters. Women and men who cannot orgasm from masturbation or sex have another way to experiment.

Orgasms and physical activity lead to a healthy body and mind. It’s a win-win here. Even without an orgasm, at least you got a good workout. Maybe next time…