In a matter of months I will look more like other cancer patients than like my own family.

I have always been amazed by the capabilities of the human body, its ability to navigate us through life. I have taken care of my body by staying active and eating nutritious food. As a result, my body has successfully given birth to three children, provided me with the pleasure of orgasms, has maintained a healthy weight since age 15 and has made it to the lovely age of 66.

Why has my body let me down not just once, but twice? Why couldn’t it have given me a sign that cancer was developing within me? A symptom, an abnormal blood test perhaps? 

Instead, it was an unexpected discovery on a CT scan. Now, in a horrifying turn of events, 17 years after my previous harrowing encounter with cancer, I am in its merciless grip once again.

Writing about a cancer diagnosis is a deeply personal and challenging endeavor. While my pain and the struggles are undeniably real, I am acutely aware of the story of others who have experienced similar or worse hardships.

I humbly invite my readers to join me as I navigate this difficult time. I value the sense of community we have built through my blog. Together we can collectively learn to embrace strength and resilience needed to face life’s inevitable twists and turns.

My (mostly edible) garden continues to bring me joy as it serves as a beautiful reminder of the cyclical nature of life and fills me with a sense of hope.

While my writing may have taken a temporary pause, the essence of Love and Medicine continues to resonate within me. The passion I have for the intersection of medicine and the human spirit remains. As a writer, I must write. Your feedback, support, patience and loyalty have been invaluable to shaping this blog.

Going forward, I will be transitioning to a bi-weekly-ish posting schedule instead of a weekly one.

Take care,

Dr. Annie K.