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This is a time of transition mentally and physically. Some love it, others less so. Here are some tips to help all of us stay present in the moment and accept the changes in this astounding universe. Let’s start with the one everyone loves to hate…

1. Get a flu shot. You’ve heard me say this before. The flu makes you feel totally miserable. It can also kill you. Millennials, are you listening? If you want to hang out with the most interesting people on the planet like older adults, babies, sick people, and pregnant women get the shot. There is a pandemic, get the flu shot. Don’t listen to pseudoscience fear-mongers.

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2. Start a Vitamin D supplement. Low vitamin D is linked to confusion, weakness, seasonal affective disorder, bone loss and Type 2 diabetes. Get a blood test for Vitamin D and start a supplement if needed.

3. Invest in cold weather gear. This does not have to be expensive – I got a packable down jackets from Costco – but go for quality. And they should look good. You want to be able to hike and then meet a friend for dinner and look as classy as ever without going home to change. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!
4. Work on your mindset. Your body is highly adaptable, it’s your mind that is less flexible. If you expect five miserable cold months, that is exactly what you will get. Be psyched for cozy clothing, hot fires, and winter sports. Embrace the lovely quiet and stillness of the winter. Read and write more.

Everyone needs a ball like this ????

5. Work out at home. Don’t feel like going to the gym?  That’s ok! This is an opportunity to get out of your exercise rut and try something different. I’ve started hula hooping again.  Many of my readers are fans of Adriene. She has easy to follow yoga videos for all levels. 

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6. Ignore carbohydrate cravings. They can be overwhelming. Start with a protein rich breakfast – avocado, cottage cheese, eggs, nuts. Winter vegetables are rich in antioxidants and color. They are yummy  when simply prepared and delicately seasoned. Couscous and veggies is a favorite of mine. My slow cooker is ready to rock and roll.

7. Laughter, friends and healthy sex are the most festive ways to raise those serotonin and dopamine levels. This is a Love and Medicine four- season recommendation ????.