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Steady Hand

Steady Hand The Bris. The celebration of removal of foreskin The first of his covenants with our Creator Not in the presumed sterility of hospital walls But

There was a Space. Part 1

I always wanted a screened in porch, a four season room. The outside of a house always interested me more than the inside. True zen, I believe,

1217 Miles

As part of my work as a psychiatrist, I did a stint in Telepsychiatry. This is providing psychiatric care via Skype, to those in need, to individuals

Most of All

[two_columns_one] [/two_columns_one] [two_columns_one_last] He’s got it right, the friend who wrote about a woman wearing a man’s shirt, the way she can pull his scent to her

Shadow Cookies

Black night, sliver of moon making no promise. The small sliver, barely noticed by humans sheltered in their homes. If it seeps into their field of vision, they may glance