Have a Peaceful Weekend

On the road again. Embracing every day, trying to get exercise, eat healthy and maintain grounding when everything is fluid.

I feel like I’m in constant alert-mode. There isn’t a bunch of chit-chat. There are few phone calls, mostly incoming texts that could be life altering at any moment. That’s my life lately. Is that how it is for everyone?

Sitting in a cafe on this cool sunny morning listening to the conversations around me: nine men and two women in their upper eighties were talking about everything from the 6 Day War, to recent hospitalizations, and on to the latest Premier league games. At the next table, a woman talking to her mom was caught saying “its me, your daughter Yael”. She then turned to her friend to report “my own mom doesn’t recognize me”. Then there were the scattering of ubiquitous Game of Thrones conversations.

I just started watching Game of Thrones, as a result of both intrigue and peer pressure. It’s popularity reminds me of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo novels that at one time were bestsellers in 48 different countries at the same time. They are examples of entertainment that obliterate geographic, age and gender boundaries. They they make the world a smaller, more intimate place.

I’m not exactly enjoying the series. I like sex and violence, but not this kind. But I’m giving it a chance. I’m on season 2, episode 2. Admittedly, it brings me down and then I need to break it up with an episode or two of Rita ( a delightful Danish series on Netflix) before I dive back in for more GOT.

My daughter is making dinner tonight, no doubt something exotic and amazing. What a cook.

Looking forward to being nurtured, sleep, long walks and sunsets. I should be able to hit two out of the four. Maybe three.

What are your weekend plans?

6 thoughts on “Have a Peaceful Weekend

  1. Weekend plans – Loved hearing yours.
    hosting Shimon’s daughter whose gone partially religious.
    Start packing for 3 month RV vacation.
    Laundry, emptying out the freezer and fridge, leave the house in a semi-clean state.
    Finish a translation.
    Pray for better weather in Canada/USA – I HATE cold and rain!!!!

    1. I think your RV trip sounds adventurous and wonderful. Watch out backing up with those things!
      Maybe you’ll get to Milwaukee?
      Don’t hate! Rain and cold are out of your comfort zone and you know thats where the magic happens…;-))

  2. I love the part about other people’s conversations. It gives insight into the scene there. It sounds like you are more of an observer now, maybe because you’ve been away so long? I have very few plans. Some friends will come over to see dad. If I get in any yoga/reading/knitting it’ll be time well spent. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Reetz, I think I’m an observer everywhere I go now. Honestly I was looking at that elderly group trying to picture dad sitting there and I could totally see it!
      I’m an outsider in Milwaukee even more than here…

  3. Nice post, Annie! A friend gave me tickets to see David Crosby at the Pabst tonight and I invited Chelsea M. She said “I never heard of him but sounds great!” I said “you’ve heard of CSNY? He’s the C!” We need something casual and delish for dinner beforehand. Open to all ideas…

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