How To Throw A Great Wedding

I’ve been many things in my life before, but never an M.O.B (Mother of the Bride). I’m far from a big wedding expert, but I’m passing on a few things I learned from my daughter’s wedding last week.

I openly wanted them to elope….that wasn’t what they wanted…

Incorporate your own traditions.

While it can be comforting to stick to the classics it’s fun to throw in something personal and unique. My daughter chose to go with handmade Hawaiian leis instead of rings.

Choose your right Officiant

My daughter chose her first cousin to perform the ceremony. After following the steps to become ordained in Hawaii and meeting with a Rabbi, he led a service that totally set the tone for the rest of the night. Striking the balance between humor and seriousness, while incorporating Jewish traditions, was crucial in pulling off this event.

The Music

We gave our Irish musician free reign to choose what to sing during the procession, after he rejected all of my ideas. The River is Wide was a perfect ballad for this setting. As long as the song reflects the nature of the relationship, anything goes.

Honor the Seniors

Making this trip for an older person is no small feat! Being lucky enough to see your first grandchild get married is nothing short of a miracle for some.

Casual dress = more fun.

Our dress code was “Aloha casual” – that threw some people off. Despite the confusion, the men were super comfortable in their Hawaiian shirts, as were the women in their flowy dresses and sandals.

Costco Hawaiian Shirt collection in Lihue, HI 

Serve good food and not too much.

Think quality over quantity when it comes to the meal. Don’t fill everybody up on appetizers!

Kauai Blackened Mahi Mahi

Leave enough time for dancing.

Following a good hora make sure you leave time for the Electric Slide. In our case, the Australians stunned us all with Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock is a 70s Australian rock song by Daddy Cool. When that song is played at an event, Aussie men in particular instinctively drop their trousers and dance with their pants around their ankles.

Offer pre-wedding yoga.

This was a highlight at our event. Even laid back weddings can be stressful. Yoga is a perfect break from the formalities. The ancient practice brings the group together and kicks things off on the right foot. Dedicate the class to the newlyweds.

Keep it green

Say no to confetti (unless it’s made of dried leaves), paper invites and plastic straws.

The Couple

No amount of flowers can mask an unhappy relationship. They need to be truly deeply in love for a wedding to soar. Everyone is down for celebrating when two people find each other, fall in love and choose to share it with the universe.

Big shout out to my daughter Lia for contributing to this article. And to my daughter Ayla, who made being the M.O.B. easy by being the most relaxed happy bride ever.

What do you think makes a great wedding?

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  1. It sounds like you hosted a warm, relaxed, and joyous event, with an emphasis on what truly matters–the couple.
    Mazel Tov!!

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