Lovely Brazilian Workout Leggings

I just got back tonight from a medical meeting in South Beach, Fl- American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology. I try to make it to this meeting every year. Prominent leaders in the field present what is trending now- the latest and greatest. It is where I hear about new developments and then can decide where to focus my research efforts.

Florida in June is so underrated. The tourists have cleared out; it is like a different locale altogether. The ocean is totally swimmable- unlike often during Spring break – the water is warm, free of jellyfish and there is no undercurrent. Restaurants and shops are empty, it’s actually tolerable to be there.

I also spent time with my Dad and my step-mom, Eva. Those two are quite the pair. Eva is from Peru and is connected with everything South American in Florida. The Latino influence is everywhere: in the music, the food and…workout wear. No one wears black. She hooked me up with a Brazilian woman who sells the most colorful, affordable, comfortable leggings ever. The colors are vibrant and the patterns are so unusual.

I wore a pair on the flight home, the black and yellow ones – the least “loud” of course. They were super stretchy and a nice break from my black sweats.

Now if they motivate me to work out, that would be awesome.

Would you wear these?

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