The Living Room

Did you have a room in your house you weren’t allowed in because it was too fancy?

Do you still have one?

When we were kids this same living room was off limits. Now it looks like this:

4 thoughts on “The Living Room

  1. I remember that room well! We were never allowed to step foot in that space. I don’t even remember your parents using that room:)
    We had a “fancy” living room too. It was only used once for a party my parents had, they decided to light a fire in our very unique fireplace but didn’t think to open the flue and the entire house became filled with smoke.

    1. We had to stop at the edge of the shag carpet! I don’t remember my parents in there ever – always in the kitchen.

      Of course I remember your fireplace and the little stones. it was so zen, one of the coolest houses ever. So classic Abe and Natalie to forget to the flue 😀

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