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Aging is the most interesting thing in life.


I am now in my 60s. I recognize new behaviors creeping up:

  1. I worry about falling more. I grab hold of my walking partner on icy or unsteady ground; I like the safe traction of the beach or lawns.

  3. When going out, instead of trying to figure out what type of food I want I’m really thinking ‘which restaurant has the easiest parking’?


  4. I’ve had botox injections.

  6. I’ve given up learning to drive a stick shift.

  8. I won’t drive on other side, so I won’t be driving in Australia, Ireland or Thailand.

  10. I use an electric toothbrush.

  12. I do more mitzvahs.


  13. I value family more than ever.

  15. I do not think thong underwear is comfortable.

  17. I won’t wear an underwire bra.

  19. I am attracted to women with more voluptuous bodies.

  21. I don’t have FOMO.

  23. I stopped the serial travel.

  25. I don’t use a top sheet.

  27. I care less about how people judge me or where I live or my lifestyle or my dancing.

  29. I am more cautious of the people I invest my time with.

  31. I realize I can miss something or someone but not want it back.


On the other hand some things have not changed.


  1. I’m still looking for my dream job. I got my first real grown-up job with benefits just recently.

  3. I work harder and am more passionate about my work today than I ever was, yet people assume I have retired.

  5. I’m still looking for that little house in Ireland or Italy. Because I can’t afford Tel Aviv.

  7. I engage in the internet equivalent of bar-room brawls with people on my blog or LinkedIn.

  9. I relearned to use a sewing machine to boho my jean jackets.

  11. I miss M every day. (A Murder-Suicide Mystery)

  13. I still gamble on football.

  15. I am a proud AAA member.

  17. I illegally download anything and everything.

  19. I like rap music.

  21. I don’t judge weather because I enjoy it all.

  23. I love being naked.

  25. I hate routine.

  27. I always notice cute guys.


What has stayed the same for you and what has changed?

12 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. As a recent retiree (since July 1st), I totally enjoyed this post – loved how you so eloquently listed the changes/non-changes in you, some of which I can definitly agree with. I can add that being over 60 (62) is fine, I just do things a bit differently/slower/more carefully than 40 year olds (-:

    1. Elana, you are my retiree role model: cooking, gardening, family time, friends, beach and travel. 👣

  2. One thing that has changed is that I’m 57 and that age doesn’t feel old to me anymore. Another difference is my increased ability to slow down and the joy I feel when I do.
    My obsession with my wrinkles is a tad better even though they are more than a tad worse. I still care about what people think but not as much.
    I watch TV a lot less and read a lot more. No major hobbies except walking which I still adore and am grateful to be able to do it just as I did when I was younger. Can’t wait to read other people’s thoughts. Thanks for sharing yours, Dr. Annie

    1. Funny, I don’t think of Netflix or Amazon Prime as TV but I guess it is, in the end of the day.
      Maybe share some of your books with the readers? I haven’t read a good book in awhile
      Own the wrinkles!
      Walking is so great, especially without a headset just out in nature.
      Whats your arm secret?

    2. Thanks Yona.
      Reading recommendations are always requested so feel free to share yours.

      Really hard to own the wrinkles. Retin A doesn’t seem to be doing the trick but I do use it.

      So many people need to slow down – the rushing is just a big unnecessary mind-fuck.

      Love you and appreciate your readership <3

  3. Inspiring!
    Newfound fear of falling, resounding yes!
    Since my digestive track seems to have major limitations, the restaurant is definitely about the food. Any pleasure will do. I’ll walk to the parking space!
    Not so much on the naked thing…wish. Will consider.
    Love fluffing the pillows and folding the dish towels. No routine.
    Yes, love all weather and would happily go in on a house in Italy or Ireland with you.
    Never wore thongs. Ow.
    Dancing, dancing it out. Earth, Wind and Fire proud!
    Only mitzvahs.
    What is a fomo?
    Looking at other 62 year olds and saying, ‘It’s not possible I look that old!’
    Family ❤️❤️ ❤️

    1. Wow, never fluffed a pillow in my life.
      Earth, Wind and Fire is the music version of Hugh Grant
      I have JOMO – Joy of missing out!
      You look gorgeous.
      Keep reading girl!

  4. Love this! Inspirational and informative – insight into what may come and reminder to be present in the moment and try to enjoy every aspect of life.

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