No one Knows I Have Cancer Unless I Tell Them

For now. In a matter of months I will look more like other cancer patients than like my own family. I have always been amazed by the capabilities of the human body, its ability to navigate us through life. I have taken care of my body by staying active and eating nutritious food. As a…

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The Circle of Life

I’m in bed with a nagging cold-not-Covid. My body is exhausted but my mind is full. Grab a tea, hot water with lemon, or a hot toddy and let’s do this. A novel could be written about last weekend in New York. Like most recent visits there, it started with a family wedding. It was…

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Three Summer Game-changers

1. Outdoor showers – My grandfather used to say “The best thing about this meal was the porch!”  Sort of a backhanded compliment but he was that kind of guy. Just as the same dish tastes better outside, an outdoor shower beats the indoor by a long shot. In summer, outside is king.  Showering outside – a space where the private domain…

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Age Like Nobody’s Watching


Life goes so slow. Slow, like molasses. I don’t understand why people say it goes by fast. My kids should be older than they are by now – their childhoods were long and so was mine. I have lived many lives in this one lifetime. I’m guessing I’m in the minority on this one. At…

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The Shocking Truth about Narcissistic Personality


    Spoiler alert: if you plan to see The Undoing, wait until after you’ve seen it to read this article. If you’re not planning to watch the series, read on as we explore one of the most intriguing disorders in psychology. Psychiatry and film – two of my loves – are featured again in…

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