I have no plans for the weekend, perfect. My eldest daughter and I decided to read a book together, a change from our usual shared series watching. We simultaneously downloaded The Girl Before, by JP Delaney. The reviews say it’s perfect “if you liked Gone Girl”. Oy. It’s so much less about the book than…

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Ask Dr. Annie K: Ovulation

Ovulation dates

  How do I know when I am ovulating? Your question is a very good one. There are many reasons why someone would want to know about ovulation. These can be women and their partners who are trying to get pregnant, those who are trying to avoid getting pregnant, and anyone who is curious to…

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How Hard Can It Be? Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

An eggplant

As part of my series on the Aging Male, Love and Medicine will tackle erectile dysfunction (ED) – failure of the penis to remain erect in order to reach sexual satisfaction. Most men have experienced this at one time in their lives.  Men are embarrassed, anxious and depressed when their penis isn’t working.  They report…

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Have a Peaceful Weekend

On the road again. Embracing every day, trying to get exercise, eat healthy and maintain grounding when everything is fluid. I feel like I’m in constant alert-mode. There isn’t a bunch of chit-chat. There are few phone calls, mostly incoming texts that could be life altering at any moment. That’s my life lately. Is that…

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Yes, Look Back

Family before the war

In this society, looking back is considered very uncool. We are encouraged to be in the present. The past is seen as an obstacle to moving forward. Reminiscence is considered a nostalgic waste of time. We should be looking ahead at the next new path. I believe most of us are not looking back enough. How much do you…

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