Ask Dr. Annie K: How Mental Health Can Affect Relationships

Two people talking

  I’ve (34M) been with my girlfriend (40F) for 3.5 years and very much do still love her. I suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD but have been active in therapy for well over 15 years. My girlfriend suffers from BPD or bipolar (hasn’t been fully diagnosed yet) and unlike myself, is just starting to…

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Ask Dr. Annie K: B12 Injections

Love+Medicine Vitamin B12

  Should I get a B12 shot weekly @ 65 years old? B12 injections have been popular for decades. This is the most fun part of my job as a writer – I learn new things. While researching for this article, I have learned that I am borderline B12 deficient. Enough about me (more later).…

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Ask Dr. Annie K: Ovulation

Ovulation dates

  How do I know when I am ovulating? Your question is a very good one. There are many reasons why someone would want to know about ovulation. These can be women and their partners who are trying to get pregnant, those who are trying to avoid getting pregnant, and anyone who is curious to…

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Ask Dr. Annie K: Breaking The Cycle

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I lack trust in my boyfriend of 7 months. This has been caused by his total and complete honesty of his past relationships, which honesty is a good thing, but it has triggered my insecurities, fear of being hurt and that bad feeling in my stomach. When he brings up his past flings in causal…

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Ask Dr. Annie K: Legitimizing Mental Illness

I recently felt the need to take a mental health day off work. I had to tell my boss I was also feeling physical illness symptoms in order to justify my absence. Why does society act as if leave from work is only justified if I am physically ill? – Anonymous Dear Reader, You have…

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