Kosher in a Nonkosher World

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“I’m not a practicing Jew but I keep a kosher kitchen just to spite Hitler.”~Miriam Margoyles                       Very few non-religious Jews observe kosher dietary laws. Here are the fundamental kosher rules for those who may not know. The word kosher in Hebrew means “fit.” The…

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Happy New Year 2022

What a year, right?!  Thank you to my Love and Medicine readers, I am truly grateful for your support. With so much to read out there, I am glad you choose me. Continue to comment and provide feedback. All of your emails and Ask Dr. Annie K. questions are anonymous. If you haven’t already, sign…

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Age Like Nobody’s Watching


Life goes so slow. Slow, like molasses. I don’t understand why people say it goes by fast. My kids should be older than they are by now – their childhoods were long and so was mine. I have lived many lives in this one lifetime. I’m guessing I’m in the minority on this one. At…

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10 Reasons Why I Love My Turkish Towel Even More

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You may know how much I love my Turkish towel from my first article published in 2016. Now I love it even more. 1. They are so gorgeous. I’ve never met a Turkish towel I didn’t like. They come in vibrant colors as well as more muted tones. The patterns are simple, linear and elegant.…

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Now You Can Go to Turkey

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~Life Without my Dad When my dad in Milwaukee was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, we were living in Israel. We built a home in the community of Maccabim, halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It was a modest townhouse with a small yard big enough to accommodate a patio, an inflatable pool and a…

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