Where has Dr. Annie K. been?

True, I have been negligent in posting. A case of writer’s block? Is that even a thing?

I think lately my brain has been controlled more by my limbic system – “fight or flight”. This means less cerebral cortex, where the magic happens.

Ok, enough excuses, my creative juices are flowing again – maybe it’s that Sex Dust?

Let’s get on with the annual New Year post.

The Year of Letting Go

I let go of shopping which freed me up emotionally and physically from using retail as therapy.

I let go of my job. No, I am not retiring.

I let go of silence when I interact with self-centered people.

I let go of my dog Marley. 

Letting go of some people in my life was long overdue.

Others left prematurely – the pain from my step-mom’s recent death is so fresh and raw that it burns my heart to think about it. 

I want to thank all of you for reading Love and Medicine. I appreciate your attention, your comments and your dedication. I know you can tell I put my heart and soul into this blog. We’ll take a look at this years posts…


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Stay tuned for Sex Dust details and other crazy fun stuff in 2019. Remember, the Doctor is ALWAYS in. I welcome your questions and comments. Follow me on Twitter


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  1. Keep them coming. And may this year be a great one for you. Full of love and a little medicine (only the good kind).

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